01/19/2017 2:18am

Hey there! I've been reading your blog for a while now. Can I ask what is this "Murder most foul" about? I am curious when you posted this, but disappointed when you posted nothing in it. I will be waiting for more of your posts. Thanks.

01/19/2017 6:16pm

I was happy to discover this online journal valuable as various then a current web journal, which just show something strange.

02/23/2017 6:55am

I would like to know more details about this tour. I will contact you in a few days.

03/14/2017 7:58am

Mystery and thriller type of blog. Charles Russell deserves the execute he is in too. The public memory will be easily faded because he didn't do anything worthy for people to remember him. Page is the guy who needs pity because after helping Russell, Mrs. Page have an affair with Russell. James Page shouldn't do it to himself because of love. But when it comes to love people are easily blinded by it. Murder most foul is one of the great writing of William Shakespeare.

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